Life goes by too fast…

It was Fathers Day 2015, I was reminded of just how precious time was when my late father was diagnosed with brain cancer.

It is a day to celebrate and that day my heart stopped. I began to sweat, all these memories flashed through my mind and then the fear and sadness set in.

We were notified that he only had weeks left on this earth and as you can imagine I was devastated.

I'd moved away from my family more than 20 years earlier and saw him every so often but at a time like this, I spent much time reflecting on the years we'd spent together when I was a child.

The most precious memory of all was from when I was about 12 years old. It was my birthday and he gifted me my first wrist watch. It was gold with a black leather band that felt like silk against my young skin. It felt like he was initiating me into manhood, I felt like a king.

I remember feeling grown up and wanted everyone to notice me wearing it. It seemed to have the power to change my identity. I would take the time to show anyone who would listen every single detail with excitement and enthusiasm.

After he died, I realised it had been years since I had worn a watch. I was now a father myself and I have a son of my own who looks up to me as a leader, a warrior, a king. The opportunity I now have, is to empower him to create all his dreams and desires.

And so I decided that to honour my father, I was going to find the most exquisite watch I could find. I wanted not only to be reminded of my father but also the preciousness of time.

The importance of the memories I had of him were when I was a kid, and the precious seconds I got to spend with him in his last days on this earth. I wanted to have something magnificent that I could gift to my own son when he's old enough to cherish it.

I searched all over the globe for something that represented my new-found significance and I just wasn't able to settle on one I loved. I decided I wanted to create one. A time piece with elegance and style. One that could be passed from father to son, mother to daughter and generation to generation. One that held the test of time and could create precious memories like the one I had with my own father.

I was stopped right there in my tracks with a thought… How can I possibly make a wrist watch? Where am I going to get the money? I’m not Rolex, I couldn’t possibly get someone to manufacture it, I'm just a guy, living in Melbourne who’s in love with magnificent watches. Who would buy my watch? Yet, I'd lost my father and it had become my mission to honour him in this special way

I wanted everyone to feel that sense of power that I got when I wore that watch all those years ago. The sense of being a king, a warrior, a leader. Then I remembered every business started with a dream before they became something.

I started to do the research, I only needed one manufacturer, the right manufacturing partner to visualise my dream. I contacted supplier after supplier and purchased sample watch after sample watch. I started to lose faith until I finally found the partner who could deliver all I imagined and more, but they were located in Switzerland.

Swiss made watches have some of the most trusted components in the world today and only available in Switzerland, but I knew that with determination and hard work I would make it happen.

My dream has now become a reality and the ENDLISS Watch Co has been born.

Today, the ENDLISS Watch Co is living and breathing and they're designed to help empower generations to live a life of purpose standing up to be the Kings and leaders that lie within.

Never wait till it’s too late, time with loved ones is precious.